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Discover your purpose, pursue your passion and cultivate peace of mind.

Live a more Peaceful & Powerful Life than you ever could have imagined. 

You are one life changing conversion way from learning how to actually create your dream life. 

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Linda, Netherlands

"Cody got the best version of me to the surface. It was always in me, but I couldn’t reach it. He saw me for who I truly was before I saw it myself. His words gave me some beautiful insides in myself and my believe system. He also showed me that there is strength and power in vulnerability. After the course I didn’t feel like a victim anymore, but a survivor.
He made me realize that my story will be about surviving, overcoming and believing in myself. It always has been and he reminded me of this. I was already an inspiration to other, without knowing this. Maybe someday I would even like to share my story with the world, and inspire others with it. But for now I like to just be me, live my extraordinary life and make my big dreams come true. Now I know that I have that power within me to make at all happen."

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