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Focus on the present moment, Be in your body, Move mindfully, Strengthen your physical while cultivating your mental focus, Bring yourself into Flow.

Learn how to connect to your mind through movement and interacting with the environment

In Movement:

Learn basic Parkour, Primal Movements

- Become present in the moment.

- Learn how to prepare your body for movement

- Increase mobility, strength and flexibility

- Create new movement patterns.

- Tap into Flow state and learning more about how to rigger it.

- Heal and Relieve tension through movement.

Unleash your primal intuition and elevate your consciousness with Primal Vinyasa Yoga.

Book a session with the Flow_Move_Live Founder or Attend one of his classes LIVE.

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Yoga Pose


Every wanted to learn how to Meditate or Deepen your Practice?

Bring Mindfulness & Meditation into your life, find expression in stillness and learn to calm your mind and focus your awareness.

Start to cultivate the practice of meditation by bringing awareness to your breath, the sensations, the thoughts and the spaces in-between.

 In the Art of Meditation we take a look at this centuries old practice of non-practice. Using a multi-perspective approach begin to explore the infinite ways to be, just simply be. By combining philosophical methodologies from Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, Tantra and the Creative Process, we explore the inner universe of our own reality and learn how to bring stillness into our being.

Through Online Meditation Classes, Meditation Courses and Private Meditation Coaching you can choose any point of entry into this LIFE CHANGING practice!

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View of Meditation Garden


What is my purpose? This is a question that has risen into the minds of human beings throughout our history. At Flow_Move_Live we begin to explore what this means and how to define what our purpose might be. We believe that everyone's purpose is unique, relevant and in actuality defined by the them. This purpose is defined by what makes you flow, and so we work together to find your flow. Finding your flow can be done in an open group environment or in private 1 on 1 sessions. Using free association psychology and creative thinking and releasing games, we tap into our truest desires and dreams, learn what they are, understand them and begin to pursue them from the source of self belief building and taking action based on that self belief. We also learn to tap into our innate unique intuitions, gain that connection back and begin following those intuitions in our life decisions. To put it simply, we find our flow and follow it. As easy as that.

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Dance Practice


This class is all about skill building and self development on a practical level. We will introducenew forms of Flow  in a workshop based setting,  then we will practice, play and grow in it together. These classes are about creating a foundation and the being  completely open in our expression from it. You can book online Flow Coaching or join one of our upcoming Flow Workshops

Flow Practices include:

- Movement arts

- Poi, Staff, Fire Spinning, Hooping

- Slack lining / High lining

- Contact Improv Dance

- Contemporary Dancing

- Capoeira

- Tricking 

- Free Running

- Intuitive Expression

- Improv Acting

- Qi Gong

- Hand pan 

- Freestyle Rap

And so much more, with Flow the options are infinite and we are constantly creating new ways to flow every moment.

So sign up now and get your own personal Flow Coach specially optimized for whatever niche you choose.  Or check out the courses they have on offer. 

These are all just new ways to put us into Flow State and gain New Skills and abilities that we can bring into our life, so that we can Flow more, Enjoy more and Live more!

Check out a list of our Flow Coaches below!

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The Flow Movement Immersion takes us outside the classroom setting or any room setting, and brings us back into our environment, whether it be nature or urban. We take what we have learned in the Movement Arts, Primal Yoga and Flow Workshops and launch ourselves into the world and into our own mind. Here we start to play, introducing aspects of Parkour, Trail Running, Climbing, Swimming and Canyoning along with the mental aspects of Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Survival instincts and Flow stimulation. We interact with our environment and learn to learn from it. With the support and guidance of the Flow_Move_Live Team, we learn how to feel safe in the environment, work with others, express our strengths and expand through our weaknesses, all while learning to connect inwardly and outwardly again and connect with it in a playful but practical way. Whether it be jumping over walls, and climbing up buildings, swimming in streams and seas, swinging in trees, scrambling over rocks or jumping off of cliffs, we begin to immerse ourselves back into nature and our bodies, escaping the restrictions and business of the mind, facing our fears and our selves and becoming completely present in our actions and our Flow!

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