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Check Yourself Now!

Check Yourself Now!

A no bullsh*t guide to reality right now.


When was the last time you checked yourself? or even just checked for your self? Made a self enquiry? Wondered if this is something that aligns with you and your beliefs? 


Not sure, not sure how? Not sure how ro survive these crazy times in the social, commercial and global  new pandemics. So much information, almost too much.. Finding a way to survive and thrive in the social era of information where every one is a professional, expert and guru , is key to staying alive, alert, aware and as close to some sort of truth as possible.


This book is a guide for that, a guide towards truth, a truth without claims but intsead a truth that seems rather easy to understand. 


If you feel lost, this is for you, if you feel found this for you (don't get a big ego, if you feel nothing this is for you ...lots of nothing in here.  So check it out feel it out and check yourself... before...

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