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What if? (Better)

Have you ever played the game of what if? (Better) It is when you keep asking "What if ... insert a dream you would like to achieve, ideal situation or goal" and then keep asking what if but bettering it until you reach your zenith.

Like this... What if you got exactly what you want in a relationship?... What if you found your dream house and had the money to buy it?... What if you were making money and enjoying the job you did?... What if you could travel, start a family, earn a passive income and make more than enough money to support yourself and your family?... What if you became a successful business owner?... What if you if you could impact the world?... What if you could help bring the world to a better place of being? (Feel free to add your own and play it with someone else making it more personal).

Fun, right? The idea is to bring your awareness into your dream world and start to believe it is possible. Then having that provoked by another person, and if it feels like it is uncomfortable, good, swallow it, taste it, digest it until speaking about your dreams and bringing them into reality feels comfortable, feels natural, because it should. We find it so easy to complain, shame and guilt ourselves but talking ourselves up, bringing up our dreams and conversing about what we would like to bring into the world is so taboo. Next time you are in a conversation with someone, try it, talk about some of your dreams and theirs, talk about what you LOVE.

Which brings me to the big what if, the BIG ONE! The what if to better all what ifs (at least for me). And that is.


... you woke up every morning and did what you loved?

Think about it? What would that look like? What would that feel like? What would that sound like and taste like?

Everyday you did what you love, with those you love in a place you love... What if you did what excited you? or made you feel at peace? What if you felt impactful, purposeful, in love life, IN FULL FLOW?

Would be pretty awesome right?

Well this is the final part of the game, super important...What if I told you, you could, what if I told you , you can, What if I told you, you and everyone else in this world has it in their flow to be able to experience their best possible life, an optimal life, a transcended life, a life of love and flow.

Well I believe we can, and it is not easy but it is. It takes discipline and surrender. It takes stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming absolutely comfortable with who you are. It takes effort and ease. It takes awareness and letting go. It is possible, just as possible as you being able to wake up every morning and commit yourself to go do a job you don't fully believe in, for you to push your mind and body through things you wish did not exist, for you to pursue a life that is not yours.

Start with a simple reflection. Play the game. Ask the what if's. Write what doing what you love everyday would look like! You can put it in the comments section or even send me an email about it. The first step is awareness, the next step is believing it is possible then its about acting as if it is happening and finally then just allowing it to happen.

There have been a lot of questions in this blog today so I am going to end with a statement, a simple one, one that is true for everyone and everything in life.

"You CAN"

Keep being awesome!

Much love.

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