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CHANGE, it never changes.

In Buddhist philosophies, one of the main points of focus is that of change.

Look at a tree, see its leaves, look at that same tree tomorrow, and the next day and the next, at some point you will notice something different about the leaves you are looking at, you will notice that the leaves are changing. In color, size or vibrancy, something will be different.

This is change, and doesn't only exits in trees.

YOU, your loved ones, your pets, your favorite actor or musician , are all changing. WHY? Because this is how life works. On a very fundamental level from the cells in your body to the sun in the sky, there is always movement, and when things move they change, and when things change they are more noticeable to your awareness and viola we have what we call experience.

Think about it. We usually notice things more when they change. When your best friend changes their hairstyle you notice it or when you paint your house a different color, you notice it, for a couple of days then you forget. This is exactly what has happened with life. When we first evolved eyes we noticed everything that we could perceive, until all we could perceive became repetitive then we forgot to notice it. In this forgetting we forgot that change is ALWAYS happening, not just when we notice it. Noticing it brings a very beautiful thing into the world, the thing of acknowledgement. This acknowledgment gives value to what you notice and through value that noticed thing becomes experienced with more life and shines just a little bit brighter. This is just one benefit of noticing change, the other is that by noticing change we can also accept it.

ACCEPTING change is the number one sure fire way to make sure you never experience disappointment again. As soon as we accept change any experience of something becoming or turning out different is also accepted, not as anything bad or good but just as CHANGE. This also means that through out your life you will start to become less attached to the solidarity of objects and people in your life and instead realize that any experience of person or place is an experience of change, and change changes so , so will they. Not good or bad just change. Change is something to be cherished because it will never happen the same way again! EVER! Change is also something to let go of because it is impossible to stop change , to stop change is only to think you have stopped change but actually you haven't. So take a moment, right now, breath deeply in … and deeply out … you feel that … that is change and every breath is a unique one never to be the same because the time, environment and mood the breath is taken, changes, with each breath. This is a very powerful meditation practice anyone can do. Just close your eyes, take three deep breaths and watch your thoughts, sensations, breath, and whatever arises into your awareness just remind yourself that this is change and for a moment allow that to be all that it is.

Simple, after reading this, try it! This is the first step to getting more into flow with change and bring the benefits if change acceptance into your life, just like Buddhist monks, this will bring an unshakable peace and understanding into your life.

And I will leave you with one of my favorite things about change and that is that in this world of change the one thing we are 100% sure will never change is change itself, awesome right, so anchor in it.

Keep flowing, keep being awesome and keep embracing the CHANGE!

Much love

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Gungfu G. Superme
Gungfu G. Superme
Aug 03, 2022

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