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Yoga. Coaching. Training

Mind. Body. Soul. Purpose.

Yoga Teacher Training
Flow Coaching
Movement Retreats
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Beyond ordinary wellness.

Break through into a world of flow.

We are here to live, to turn our wildest, most powerful, magical dreams into a reality.

To build harmony within all of us. 

With nature.

With mind.

With body.

With emotion.

With ourselves.

With other.

Bring the joy, bring the love, bring the crazy passionate fire, water, wind and earth we call life

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Susan A Cook – Princeton NJ

 Cody is very generous and insightful in his teachings and guidance from the Meditation and Breathwork  course and beyond. The materials  provided on , including the meditations and discussions  led have given me a newfound enjoyment and understanding of meditation. I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out on their meditation journey or those wanting to deepen their practice.

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Flow Community.

"You are already everything you need to be"

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