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Flow_Move_Live Online Mindfulness Course




Companies like GE, Nike, Carlsberg, Accenture, IKEA, Sony and many more are seeing the challenges of modern work life and the impact it is having on their businesses overall productivity. But They are implementing mindfulness training programs, just like this one,  to enhance performance, productivity and mental health in the workplace.
These companies recognize the strategic benefits in helping leaders and all levels of employees better manage their attentional muscle through the use of Mindfulness, Meditation & Mindset training.
As discussed in all the above articles, Mindfulness helps employees and Managers become more Focused, Creative, Calm,  Intuitive, Communicative and Growth Orientated.
These positive skills on an individual and team level will reflect on a business level in terms of productivity and ultimately profit!



Mindfulness is about opening yourself up to what’s going on in each moment. When you do that, you learn that things change constantly and see your challenges and progress more clearly.

 Mindfulness is about having a GROWTH mindset not a FIXED mindset.

If you have a growth mindset, you believe that you can change and improve and thus this leads to a more positive outlook, because you can see that any setbacks are temporary.

Criticism, challenges, and obstacles are all opportunities for growth and they’re a part of being a leader and growing in any business setting. Facing these things with a mindset of optimism and growth is what mindfulness is all about.



The best way to start introducing Mindfulness and Empowerment Training into business is through LIVE Webinars and In person Workshops.

Our LIVE Webinars cater for an online audience and give you the opportunity to connect multiple branches of your organization together for a scheduled webinar session. This brings together multiple facets of your business or organization and connects all your teams in a community like setting, despite them being separated by space or time.

In person workshops gives you the opportunity  to introduce your teams to a LIVE interactive learning experience, which can take place over 2 to 5 separate sessions. The outcome of these workshops will be to instill a very strong element of mindfulness an empowerment practices within your team and leadership. 

To find out more about hosting a Mindfulness & Empowerment Workshop or Webinar for your business or organization, get in touch below.



Coach your entire business team towards higher levels of thinking, creating and producing with our Corporate Coaching Packages. These packages are set over a month by month period with weekly webinars, workshops and masterclasses aimed specifically at achieving your business and organizational needs. 

To find our more, schedule a discovery call with our founder  where you can learn exactly what Flow_Move_Live can do for the enhancement and empowerment of your business and its community and leaders!

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