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in a 4 Days Retreat!

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Amaravati Wellness Center

,Chiang Mai, Thailand


Learn how to guide and facilitate others in guided meditation and breathwork. Learn how to guide breathwork journeys, icebath facilitation, pranayama (yogic breathwork), extrasensory (external) and (internal) intrasensory meditation and facilitate group and personalized meditation & breathwork sessions.

Become a certified Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator through the Yoga Alliance and Flow_Move_Live.

As well as build up your own Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga and Ice Bath practice

Schedule Example:

Day 1

5PM Opening Circle, Cacao Ceremony & Meditation

7PM Dinner

Day 2

7AM -Meditation & Breathwork Practice

8AM- Yoga

9:30AM -Breakfast

11AM -Guided Meditation, & Basic Pranayama Analysis

1PM- Lunch


3PM - Facilitation Workshop & Group Meditation Guidance Practice

5PM - Ice bath Facilitation & Steam

 6:30PM -Dinner

8PM -9PM Breathwork Journey

Day 3

7AM -Meditation & Breathwork Practice

8AM- Yoga

9:30AM -Breakfast


11AM -  Advanced Breathwork & Meditation Analysis

1PM- Lunch


3PM -  Breathwork Journey Analysis and Guidance Practice

5PM -Self Guided Ice bath & Steam

 6:30PM -Dinner

8PM -9PM Meditation

Day 4


8AM- Meditation

9:30AM - Light Breakfast


11AM - Ice Bath & Breathwork Fascilitation  Practice

1PM- Lunch


3PM - Final Meditation & Breathwork Journey

5PM Graduation & Closing Circle

6PM Celebration Dinner



What's included:


  • Meditation & Breathwork Practices

  • Yoga

  • Breakfast

  • Meditation & Breathing Analytics

  • Lunch

  • Facilitation Workshop & Guidance Practice

  • Breathwork, Steam & Ice Bath

  • Dinner

  • Breathwork Journey

  • Cacao & Matcha Ceremony

  • Online Modules

  • Meditation & Breathwork Facilitation Certificate

  • 3 Nights Accommodation.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Meditation & Breathwork.

  • Anyone who wants to become a Meditation & Breathwork facilitator.

  • Yoga teachers looking to expand the Breathwork and Meditation guidance.

  • Anyone looking to facilitate Ice Bath experiences.

  • Coaches looking to add Meditation & Breathwork to their clients sessions.

  • Personal trainers or Fitness coaches who want to add Breathwork and Meditation to their programs.

  • Wellness trainers who are looking to lead and guide Meditation & Breathwork.


Breathwork Styles

  • Rebirthing & Breathwork Journeys (Including an overview of Holotropic style breathwork)

  • Flow Breath (For Athlete or High Performance Optimization)

  • Yogic Pranayama specifically aimed at coaching and class orientation.

  • Buteyko Breathing (To help manage anxiety and sleep).

  • Science Based Breathing Protocols for Nervous System Regulation


Meditation Styles:

  • Flow Method (Beathwork, Body Scan, Open Awareness).

  • Za Zen (Open Awareness)

  • Vipassana (Body Scan)

  • Yogic Dharana (Single Pointed Focus)

  • Kundalini Style

  • Chakra

  • Guided Visualisations

  • Meditation for Trauma Release

  • Determined sit.


Facilitation Methods:

  • Ice Bath (For Trauma Release and Body Connection)

  • Guided Meditation & Breathwork for 1:1 Clients/Students.

  • Guided Meditation & Breathwork session for Groups/ Classes/ Teams.

  • Self Guided Breathwork & Meditation Journeys

  • Creating Meditation & Breathwork Protocols for specific needs and requirements by students or clients.

  • How to combine Meditation, Breathwork & Movement.


3 x Nights 
Amaravati Wellness Center ,
Chiang Mai
3 xDaily Vegan/Vegetarian Meals
& Snacks

Your guide:

Cody Gavin Pizer

 Professional Meditation & Breathwork coach for over 4 years and a Yoga Teacher Trainer for 7 years. Started the Flow_Move_Live Meditation & Breathwork Course Online in 2021, graduated over 100 students and facilitators. 

For more information or if you would like to get in contact feel free to message me here:

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14th - 17th March



B 20  800 (Early Bird Shared)
B 23 800 (Early Bird Private)

Includes 3 nights Accommodation, 10 Meals,  30 Plus Hours of in-person Training,  Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator Certificate upon Graduation.

(16 Spots Available)

(4 Spots Available)

The course was amazing!

I felt like the course helped me to bring my meditation practice to another level. It helped me to create a daily practice and there are a lot of situations in my life where the content of course brought so much clarity to.

I would totally recommend it to anybody who wants to establish a personal daily practice, to anyone who wants to deepen their practice, actually I would recommend it to just everybody.

I learned so much about myself.
I feel very thankful to have taken the course!

Luise, Germany