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Dedicated to Wellbeing

So are we, so much so that we have started the 108 Sun Salutation challenge, a physical celebration of health and wellness around the globe.

The challenge is simple 108 Sun Salutations for 108 days consecutively. Don't know what a Sun Salutation check out the video below.

The rules are:

  • Any style of sun salutation counts.

  • Listen to your body, if it hurts stop, rest relax, continue.

  • You can split the sun salutations up throughout the day.

  • Commit to the challenge, let this be a testament to your will power and how awesome you.

  • Do it for yourself and share it with others. 


To participate all you have to do is commit to it through a video entry of "I commit to doing 108 sun salutations for 108 days for myself" and share it via any social media platform.

Then everyday in some way, share a post, clip, video, reel of your sun sal as inspiration for others to keep going.

Let's create the 108 community as a place to inspire change and transformation in the world towards greater health, wellbeing, self awareness and a positive future.

Lets use the power of the sun to bring life to a brighter future with les BS and more clarity, consciousness and freedom.

Let this challenge show you that you have the power and you have the ability to bring anything into reality.

Join the challenge now! and follow @flow_move_live for tips, inspiration and keep up to date with how the challenge is flowing.

Be a art of something awesome, because you are ! 

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