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Flow is a life of Purpose, Passion, Peace of mind and Absolute Alignment with the all powerful awesome that is you.

You know that moment when you feel like there is nothing else, nothing other than right now, the thing thing you are doing, the person you are with the place where you are at, all seem to flow into one. There is no sense of time, or space, your mind and body feel extended and all you need is this, is the now, is this moment, and nothing else matters.

This is Flow... and we are on a mission to bring more of that into your life.



My name is Cody,

I founded Flow_Move_Live on a dusty day in a coffee shop, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

It started just as an Instagram name that stuck and has become a Lifestyle, Community, Meditation & Breathwork Training, Coaching Business and is now flowourishing into an online empire dedicated to bring alignment to the world, encourage peace and empowerment in our daily lives.


I truly believe that every human on this earth has the potential to live our their dreams, to be powerful, intelligent strong and successful. To open that coffee shop, to become that professional athlete, to sell that franchise, to have that family home by the beach and to fully express themselves in life.

This is my belief and my dream. I started as an English Teacher in South Korea looking for something more, and I found it in becomeing a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer that traveled Asia, India and Europe. (Sometimes by plane, train, bike,bicycle and even boat). On this journey I found "Flow" , Movement, Breathwork & Meditation which lead me to form a goal.


"Through Movement, Meditation & Breathwork, bring flow to the world!"

And now I pursue it , every day, I bring meditation, breathwork and movement to peoples lives, in hopes to inspire the underlying truth that I hold of the universe.

"You can change the world, just by being you, and you get to decide who that is, so be awesome, be impactful, be powerful, be peaceful, choose today and become tomorrow"

I now niche in coaching people to become impact makers in the world, and those who are already high performing players , I coach them to bring their peace of mind back and use that to take the next step.

So get involved, meditate, move, play, breathe, do, be... Its all in Flow, the choice is yours.

Keep being awesome!

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